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Looking for something unique?


We have some fabulous and unusual gift ideas for you.



Your part is easy. All you have to do is choose your favorite photos and bring them to us. We can make calendar images from digital images, or negatives, slides – even prints.


The key to a great photo calendar is great photos, tailored to the person you’ll be wowing with this gift. Think of the intended recipient. What pictures does he or she want to see?


Your own beautiful Custom Photo Calendar can be created in just three days here at Robi's Camera Center (allow more time during peak demand weeks.)


We offer the cute jewel case calendars as well as 8x10 and 12x16 wall calendars. Each is available in either 12 or 13 month versions, and each has a beautiful cover that shows all 12 or 13 months on a single page.


Calendars make beautiful gifts; custom photo calendars make even better gifts. Why settle for the same generic mass-produced calendar when you can give a piece of art that’s one of a kind?


Jewel Case Calendars

First Calendar - $19.99

Calendars 2-10 - $11.99

11 or more - $8.99


Add $1 for 13-month calendar

8" x 10" Wall Calendars

First Calendar - $24.99

Calendars 2-10 - $19.99

11 or more - $14.99


Add $1 for 13-month calendar

12" x 16" Wall Calendars

First Calendar - $34.99

Calendars 2-10 - $27.99

11 or more - $19.99


Add $2 for 13-month calendar


The first calendar in any order always costs the full amount; additional copies are priced at the multiple price for the level chosen.


In general, calendar orders must be placed at the store. We can make arrangements for mail orders, but it's more efficient if the order is placed in person.


Robi's hardcover, bound photo books

Have you ever looked at pictures in a published book and thought - "I could do that!" Here's your chance.


Put your pictures into our computer and add text if you want, and you'll get a beautiful keepsake or gift.


These professional-looking books will make gifts that are much more personal and thoughtful than a toaster!




Woven images

Turn your photograph into a work of art. Each product is individually woven on a loom with richly colored cotton yarn. Give a personalized gift that will be sure to cause a delighted gasp!

Throw blanket - 54x70 inches

1 throw


2 alike


5 alike


Photo Pillow

17x17 in.


27x27 in.


Wall Hanging

26x34 in.


38x53 in.


54x63 in.


Tote Bag

17x17 in.



Fun new camera bags!