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Who Are We?

At Robi's our staff is not only friendly and helpful, but they are also extremely knowledgeable and experts in their fields. As our motto states, "Our Experienced Team and Fast Friendly Service Make all the Difference..." and it does! You can't get better quality customer service ANYWHERE.



Robi's: A History

Robi's is now in its fifth and best location in the old Nieman's Clothing Building at 100th and Gravelly Lake. We brought the first "one hour" lab into Lakewood in the early 80's. Along with our 30 plus year history with our camera dealership comes a vast collection of unusual oddities and accessories for cameras we barely remember. Robi's led the way into digital imaging and computer layout printing in the early 90's with custom scanning and restoration; we perform all of this in-house. Our current staff and management members are all geared up and educated in digital, ready to help with the ever changing needs this technology brings to the marketplace.




Tod Wolf is your host.


Dennis is a fine sales person at Robi's and all-around good guy. We'd say more about him but he's a man of few words.



Winfield G.

Winfield, our internet sales person, has been into photography since the mid 1980's when he received two Pentax Spotmatics from his Grandfather. The first roll through netted a prize in a local photo contest. Then he took the photography class out at CWA. (Go Tarriers!) Now he is working again with all that retro used equipment at Robi's in internet sales and thinks it is just so cool. (The new equipment is cool too!)



Have you seen this guy behind the counter at Robi's? If so, you may also see Elvis at Lakewood Hardware. VERY helpful with photo questions, he is also one of our favorite presidents.



He is overhead. He sees all.