We make damaged photos look like new!

Photo Restoration

Photographs are fragile. No matter how careful you are, you have probably lost a cherished family photo to water damage, cracking, crinkling or marauding two-year olds. Now, through the magic of digital imaging, most photos can be restored to good as new condition.

It's never been easier to get your photos restored than it is today. Just bring in your photograph and we'll scan it. In two to three week s come back to our store to pick up your print. It's that easy.

Photo restoration may look like Hollywood magic, but it's really just an artistic application of today's technology. When your photo is scanned, we actually create a digital version of your photo. This is the image that we work on. Our artists combine creativity and imagination with technical skill to repair any damage and restore the picture.

To find out how much your photo restoration will cost, just bring in your picture to Robi's. Our photo professionals will be happy to give you an estimate for photo restoration once they have an opportunity to inspect your old, worn, torn or damaged photo.

We can even repair large tears, or extract one person from a group. We can take your "ex" out of the photo. Sepia tone or black and white or color. Faded color? We can fix faded color.

Using a combination of camera technology, computer technology, and skillful human artists, we’ve become true specialists in making your photos all that they can be.

Your priceless photographs never leave our store.

How it works:

We photograph or scan your original image with a high resolution system, to create an "electronic negative." All the restoration work is done on this electronic negative - we don't do anything to your original.

Your project is assigned to one of our top-notch Photoshop artists. They will correct color, improve contrast, touch up blemishes and repair major cracks or even missing portions of the picture. The latter part is pure art work, and you'll be amazed how good our artists are!

When the art is complete, we'll make high quality photo prints on one of our dedicated printers.

Can you scan a photo and send it to us?

You can, but we'd rather you didn't. We have both the equipment and the experience to do a better job than most of our clients,

Is it expensive?

Very minor restorations start at about $30 depending on the level of damage. Bring in your damaged print and we'd be happy to provide an estimate.

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