All is not lost!

We are experts at recovering lost photos from your memory card!

Have you ever accidentally deleted pictures from a memory card? How about that computer message we all dread -- "No Files Detected" when you were sure there were 300 images? Ever had a power failure while downloading which scrambled your memory card? Bring that card to us!

We use several programs that can retrieve many lost photos, and we keep at it until we're sure we've found everything retrievable. With about a 95 percent success rate, we have some very happy customers. We've even seen the occasional happy tear!

Any images we find will be put on a CD or DVD.

Image recovery services are FREE on memory cards purchased at Robi's Camera Center. We will then save your recovered images on CD or DVD (whichever costs you less.) As always, GOLD 300-year archival disks are available to protect your memories for a lifetime.

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