We maintain high standards of quality...

In every step of your order, each day our trained technicians carefully monitor the chemicals used in each machine in our lab. Maintaining the strict benchmarks that our chemical manufacturer recommends and that you expect, underscores our commitment to the finest in photo processing.

Color balancing is an art in itself. Our technicians are trained to understand the science of color balancing, and how to best program the printing equipment to provide you with the consistent quality you demand. Quality is how YOU see it. We work with each client individually to understand and produce the color YOU want. Our staff is eager to learn how you like your work. For those of you who haven’t used our service, please bring in some samples of what YOU like. We’ll make sure you get what you expect when your order is ready.

Color Matching

We have the ability to very closely match most any print brought to our lab. However, please be aware that due to the characteristics of photographic material, a slight variation cannot be avoided. If you had your original printed elsewhere, using different paper and chemicals, there will be a slight difference in color, contrast and density. We promise to make every effort to satisfy your request.

Improperly Exposed Negative

We will make the best possible print from improperly exposed negatives, slides and digital files. Under normal production standards we will not print images that are extremely under or over exposed. If you prefer, we can print all images from your media upon request. We are able to fix some under and over exposed images. This could include an additional charge. Please ask our technicians about this service.

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