Are your home movies and those family slides just sitting in the closet?

Movies are awkward. You have to dig out the projector, set up a screen. Then after the popcorn is popped and everyone's comfy, your projector bulb blows.

Let us transfer your home movies - slides and prints, too - onto convenient DVD's.

And you need never break out that slide projector again. We’ll turn your slides into a DVD slide show!

Let our experts scan and digitize your slides. We’ll then provide you with 2 very different products:

For Showing: A DVD “slide show” of all your images, optimized for viewing on your regular TV or video projector. Our show is complete and ready to play on just about any DVD player.

For Stowing: you may also request a directory of data files on the same DVD. 35mm slides are scanned at 2000 by 3000 pixels (6 megapixels) so that you can make sharp prints if you ever want to.

So what will you do with those old slide trays? We’ll actually buy some models back from you: Kodak Carousel trays and Sawyers original Rototrays! Price depends upon the market.

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