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Why would I invest in a custom picture frame, you ask, when I can buy a ready-made frame at the local discount store? This is a good question, and indeed, there are many times when a mass produced picture frame is appropriate. However, when you are ready to prepare your fine art or treasured heirlooms for display, custom framing is the best answer. A properly finished custom frame is the union of artwork, mats, molding, and other elements to create a presentation that is unique, that complements your personality, and enhances your home or office. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that you will never find in a department, discount, or furniture store. Your beautiful fine art, needlework, special personal object, wedding invitation, or hard-earned certificates should be framed in a manner that does them justice, and prevents their deterioration over time. Your custom framed artwork is a permanent investment in the decor of your home, which will outlast many of your other accessories. It is more personalized than most of your other furnishings. Our certified picture framer® and designers will recommend the best design techniques, and color coordination to make the framing itself a work of art. There are many design methods we can use to make your artwork uniquely yours. We will discuss some of these now: