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Keep It Sweet & Simple


You're on your way in two minutes. Why spend your valuable time sitting in front of a computer or kiosk when all you want to do is get prints from your digital camera?

We've got a plan to Keep It Simple & Speedy.

Step 1 - Bring us your camera's memory card.

Step 2 - We'll do the rest!


…when we say we'll do the rest, here's what we mean:

When you leave your card we'll check to see about how many photos you've got on your memory card, so you know what to expect.

We'll make one or two sets of our deluxe prints from every good photo on the card.

We'll make a CD of all your image files so you can copy them to a computer, or just store them away if you prefer. Ask for a gold cd for the best archive.

If you want us to, we'll erase and reformat your memory card so you're ready to go again!


Hours in front of a computer, or minutes talking with our helpful associates, the choice is yours!

And when you want to exercise creative control, our Digital Pix Cafe is the easiest and most comfortable in town! Enjoy a beverage while you create a collection of your best printed family memories on a large preview screen in our Digital Pix Cafe!